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Q: Do you include the tubing in your kits?   our history
A: No we do not supply tubing with our kits. At one time we did offer complete systems including the tubing, however we decided to offer these steering kits to make the best steering in the world even more affordable and have the ability to ship our kits to our customers right away without delay. You can click on the link above to see our detailed history.

Q: Do you offer kits for suspensions too?
A: Yes we do! We offer kits for most common 3 and 4-link type applications as well as for traction bars and control arms as well.

Q: I'm an average guy with some mechanical skills, can I install one of your kits myself?   install preview
A: Absolutely! The detailed instruction manual includes clearly illustrated photos that will guide you through the complete installation from start to finish. Even if you decide you do not wish to install your system yourself, our detailed manual will be a great help to your mechanic who otherwise may not be familiar with aftermarket performance components such as our steering kits. Our 5 day a week free tech hotline is there for any of your questions as well as an on-line trouble shooting tech site just for purchasers of our system. When you receive your system you will be provided with a password to access our trouble shooting site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at no extra cost.

Q: How hard is it to drill out my knuckles, and do I have to take them off the truck to do it?   install preview
A: You do not have to remove the knuckles from the truck to drill them. The knuckles are made of forged metal which a dense yet relatively "soft" material. Use one of our special Drill Kits or a brand new sharp drill and a slow speed hand drill. Have a friend help you watch the angle of the bit so you can watch from the front while he watches from the side to insure a straight hole. This can easily be done in under 5 minutes each.

Q: Will drilling out my knuckles to 3/4" weaken them at all?   install preview
A: It's hardly ever significant enough to be of any concern. Usually the largest part of the taper is the same size as the hole you are going to drill. In most cases you are simply straightening out the existing hole. Even on the few cases of some vehicles where the taper is 1/2" on the small end (Jeeps), the actual material on the knuckle around that hole is usually comparable in size to other vehicles with larger tapers initially (Bronco/Scout). Therefore, it will be no weaker drilled out than the larger 1/2 ton trucks it compares with when finished. Many full sized trucks are already the same size as the hole needed to install our system with only a slight clean up required. And if eliminating the taper is a concern, consider that our super strong F-911® Aerospace bolts will never loosen from stretch, the actual sides of the hole will not barely "see" the brunt force from the bolt, so there is no worry of elongating the hole or loosening up is properly installed. The F-911® bolt is incredibly stronger than the smaller OEM tapered stud.

Q: Why don't you use a machined tapered stud on the knuckles instead of a bolt?   install preview
A: Because a tapered stud could never be made as strong as our F-911® Aerospace bolts. Additionally, a tapered stud has *two* nuts and connection points that could loosen, where our F-911® bolt only has one. Finally, a tapered stud would require the purchase of an expensive tapered reamer to relocated the tire rod to the opposite side of the knuckle is desired, and would not allow any link to be reversed to the other side of the knuckle as fast and easy and secure as our system. Frankly put, with our system, drilling is easier, less expensive, more secure and allows more flexible options later on.

Q: How do I obtain and make my own tubes?
A: Order the tubing locally or online from a metal supplier to a length a little more than you'll need. Then size it up to your truck, cut to the exact length you need and insert the Right and Left hand tube end adapters and recheck the length. Then either take to a welder or weld them on yourself. A MIG wire welder works excellent and you can turn/grind down the weld for a seamless finish or TIG weld it for a beautiful aircraft level of appearance. That's all there is to it! If you ever have to shorten the tube later, just cut one end and weld in a new insert and you're done.

Q: What size of Tie Rod tubing size should I use on my truck?
A: That depends on your application, usage and expectations. If you are simply looking for a great working system with improved strength over stock, then a 1-1/4" O.D. tube would work well. If you were looking for a notable strength increase then a 1-3/8" O.D. tube would fill that need nicely. If you are fed up with bending the stock or other aftermarket tie rods and want a final and superior solution, of course larger diameter tubes always prove that bigger can be better. There is even a 1-7/8" O.D. tubing readily available if you want to push the Wow and Pow  factor over the top!

Q: What kind of tubing should I buy?
A: You may see a lot of hype over the DOM portion of a tubing's specification. The Drawn Over Mandrel procedure simply provides a more uniform thickness. The single most important aspect is the type of metallic material being used, it's design strength and it's resilience and flexibility as well as how it's machined and the thickness versus diameter aspect ratios. 1020 or 1024 mild steel tubing works well. There is no need for Chromemoly or other exotic materials unless you want to make it really thin for weight savings, yet still strong. There is never a good use for aluminum in a tie rod.

Q: If I go with your Tie Rod Over Knuckle™ option, can I change back later?   tie rod over knuckle info
A: Yes you can. Our Tie Rod Over Knuckle Kit™ allows the user to change back and forth until the optimum combination or result is achieved. This allows a significant versatility advantage that most other "over the knuckle" tie rod kits can not offer, since once you re-taper the upper hole, that process is not reversible, where our Bullet Proof System™ is.

Q: Doesn't your Tie Rod Over Knuckle™  kit put extra stress on that single shear bolt?   tie rod over knuckle info
A: No, not really. While it does increase the leverage delivered to the bolt, our incredibly strong Aerospace F-911® bolts and custom hardware we use are so overkill and far superior to anything else, the slight load increase doesn't even come close to the strength limitations in this application. It's not a factor to worry about with our highly engineered systems.

Q: I've heard that OEM style ball joints are better than Heims? Why doesn't the factory use them?
A: It's no secret that OEM car manufacturers need to save costs wherever necessary. It's cheap to make a satisfactory ball joint since close tolerances, precision machinery and individual inspection are not required by design. If the factory used the best possible solution for every situation, there would not be a need for bigger and better differentials, suspensions, transfer cases, transmissions, engines, you name it. The steering system is no different, and OEM factories will not spend the money a high quality rod end demands. On the other hand, many "heim" joint manufacturers know their product is primarily used by racers that view those pieces as "disposable", therefore the cheapest brands sell the best which further fuels the manufacturers to provide a "fair" rod end, but at the cheapest price possible. For more on that, look into the "History of the Heim Joint". Our Bullet Proof Spherical Rod Ends™ are designed with the utmost quality, maximum performance and longest service life in mind and manufactured with the absolute best materials and with the highest tolerances possible, without cost or profit being a limiting factor. Take a look at the incredible abuse they can absorb without failure!

Q: What makes your Bullet Proof Rod Ends™  so much better than other "heim joints"?   rod end info
A: Our rod ends are the tightest, longest lasting and most durable rod ends in the in industry, nothing else even comes close. Superior design, quality materials and ultra precise manufacturing tolerances coupled with the highest quality control possible is what makes our rod ends so much better than any other tie rod end out there. The first thing you will notice is the incredibly extreme tightness and superior fit of our Bullet Proof Spherical Rod Ends™ as compared to any other rod end on the planet! The second thing you will experience is the no maintenance or greasing required, yet they still move as smooth as silk years later. Our rod ends are so tight that you will "feel" the difference the first time to turn the steering wheel. This extreme fit requires a very special, expensive and labor intensive manufacturing process which results in our confidence that you are getting the absolute best product we can offer, along with our ability to offer a lifetime warranty package of these wear components, even if you abuse them. Each and every one of our Bullet Proof Rod Ends™ are individually inspected by hand and tested in a variety of quality assurance procedures.  You will not find all this in any other rod end or "heim" joint on the market. For a quick "History of the Heim Joint", click here or review what others have put Bullet Proof Rod ends to their TEST!

Q: What is the life expectancy of your Bullet Proof Rod Ends™ ?   rod end info
A: It depends on the application, conditions, cleanliness and abuse you subject them to. In our testing we have found our Bullet Proof Spherical Rod Ends™ to out perform nearly every stock OEM style ball joints in every aspect, as well as lasting up to five times longer in longevity. In our comparison testing we discovered where OEM tie rod ends lasted an average of 2-3 years, our Bullet Proof Spherical Rod Ends™ lasted over 10 years on the same group of vehicles tested, and in the same conditions. We have also noted that even the best "heim" joints we've tried, those barely stayed tight enough to last 1 year on the same test mules, while some of the cheaper "heim" joints barely lasted 2-3 months. Surprisingly, operating our Bullet Proof Spherical Rod Ends™ in salt, water, mud, grit and dirt were less of an issue than it was not to clean and wash them off after usage and spraying a light anti-corrosion oil on them. Other "heim" joints as well as OEM rod ends failed at a dramatically increased rate in those same exact conditions when compared side by side in numerous brutal tests. Take a look at the extreme torture they can withstand!

Q: Your Bullet Proof Rod Ends™  are not greaseable and need no seals, how can they last?   rod end info
A: Our Bullet Proof Spherical Rod Ends™ have a carbon-fibre Teflon® liner in them which is a permanently lubricated material that provides ultra smooth movement and a vibration cushion. No additional grease is needed since the Super-Tight fit will not allow any debris into the rod end, therefore nothing can get out. The Super-Tight fitting crowns on each end of the bearing acts as "scraper seals" which keeps sand, water and dirt from getting inside the rod end. Superior quality and ultra precision workmanship is required to achieve this result, which is why no other Rod End even comes close to our Bullet Proof Spherical Rod Ends™.

Q: Which Bullet Proof Tie Rod End™  is best… the Stage-1 or the new Stage-2 Extreme Duty™  option?   stage-2
A: While our original Stage-1 Special Duty™ Rod End is still famous in it's quality construction and unparalleled performance, the new Stage-2 Extreme Duty™ upgrade is even better! We are always looking to improve the design, construction and quality of our systems, and for 5 years we had worked tirelessly trying to make our already incredible Rod Ends even better. Finally, we have achieved that with a stronger, longer lasting rod end perfect for any application where maximum strength and reliability is demanded. With a static load strength two & one half times (2-1/2!) more than that of our standard rod end, and a fit that stays twice as tight, twice as long, our new Bullet Proof Stage-2 Extreme Duty™ Spherical Rods Ends have earned the right to be listed as an option in our world famous Bullet Proof Steering™ and Track Bar Systems™.

Q: Why can't I assemble my own steering components myself and what makes yours components different than home built versions?
A: Certainly you can come up with various parts that may appear to look similar to our steering kits. When we set out to design our kits we want to make it as good as possible and not overlook or skimp on any single detail. Strength, performance and durability were our primary goals, and we do not release ours kit to the public until we achieve all those goals. Sure, you can make your own kit slightly cheaper, but it is impossible to put together the high quality components we offer in our systems for less money than we sell them for and ready to go!

Q: Does your Bullet Proof Track Bar Kits™  transmit driveline vibrations?   track bar info
A: Not that you could ever notice, if at all. The special carbon-fibre Teflon® cushion insulates our Bullet Proof Spherical Rod Ends™ bearings from the race for a extremely Super-Tight fit, yet with superior vibration resistance while completely eliminating any sloppiness which is otherwise inherent with rubber or polyurethane bushings typically used in this application. ALL soft bushings need to be eliminated from the track bar system to eliminate all the inherent problems of shake, wander, looseness, steering play, etc. Our kit does exactly that. And we eliminate ALL the rubber or poly bushing at BOTH ends of the track bar, because that's where all the problems are borne from. "By not eliminating the bushing problem completely, would be like reducing a hole in a boat to half the size… it still does not keep it from sinking."

Q: Do you make other Bullet Proof Steering™  applications than what's listed?   custom options
A: Yes, we make all types of unique systems in exact accordance to the customers specific measurements & needs. While there are mechanical limitations to what can be done, we've made systems & individual components to satisfy hundreds of one-off applications and provide solutions that no one else offers. Just contact us and we can see if it's possible to produce.

Q: How do I connect a power assisted steering ram to my Bullet Proof Steering™  system?
A: In most cases our very unique rod ends are so precise and tight, you will no longer need a steering stabilizer! However, if you do need one, there are two easy methods to do this. One is to simply weld a bracket onto the tubing during installation. The other and most popular method is to connect a spherical rod end from the shaft of the ram piston topside of the pitman arm utilizing the drag link bolt, and mount the other end of the ram to the opposite side frame rail. This keeps the ram up and out of the way as well as eliminates hanging hoses and unsprung weight on the axle.

Q: What if a tie rod end fails while I'm driving?   tie rod end failure info
A: Our Bullet Proof Spherical Rod Ends™ should never fail without notice. Periodical inspections as outlined in the owners manual should identify a wearing piece long before failure. However, if a rod end should fail, our patented Bullet Proof Retainer Shim™ is designed to hold the rod end on even after it may have completely separated the body from the bearing in a worst case scenario. In contrast, other "heim" joints as well as even OEM ball joints would otherwise fall off completely, resulting in instant and total loss of  all steering control. Ours has this built in back up feature for your safety.

Q: What do most people use their trucks for that buy your Bullet Proof Steering™ Kits ?   testimonials
A: There are a wide variety of applications our steering systems are needed in. The most common application is where an owner just has simply had it with replacing expensive, OEM style tie rod ends over and over. These people can really get a huge benefit from our product in both cost savings and increased durability. Many of our systems are put on vehicles that are multi-use in nature, and have to do a little bit of everything, which needs a steering system with reliability and longevity in mind. We also see a lot of extreme off road machines needing our product in their quest to make their vehicles as reliable, durable and as indestructible as possible. Another large portion of our product is requested by builders that need a custom steering to fit their exact needs where no other kit would fit. We even have some U.S. Military trucks and Hummers with our Kits installed on them, as well as some deep exploration vehicles that probe deep into the Arctic circle! Our Bullet Proof Steering Kits™ are in use all across the globe and in dozens of different countries.

Q: Are Bullet Proof Steering™ Kits street legal?   state vehicle & steering laws
A: We do not state that they are, or they are not, because we are simply not aware of each and every State's ever changing individual restrictions, so it is the customers responsibility to make that final determination. Most States have no specific guidelines one way or anther regarding steering component details. Since most OEM replacement components do not harbor any official certification, approval, licensing or testing labels and identification, we are not aware of any single governing body that identifies or certifies steering components. Regardless, our components have proven to far exceed many OEM components in both quality and durability in the harshest of environments and most demanding applications.