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Please specify if there is any variation in Track Bar bend requirements. In most applications this track bar can be adjustable up to 12" lifts. Please measure your existing bar for an EXACT fit.

For complete kits, see what's included:   C L I C K   H E R E

To compliment our Custom Bullet Proof Tie-Rod Kit™ and Bullet Proof Drag Link Kits™ , we also offer a Bullet Proof Adjustable Track Bar Kit™. This bar shares all the same benefits and features of our Bullet Proof Tie Rod Kit™ , along with some added performance features as well. This system is designed to enhance performance, articulation, reliability & steering accuracy.

The thick, squishy, OEM style rubber bushing (arrow), along with the replacement aftermarket polyurethane versions can cause unexpected front end shimmies and shakes. The "Death Shake" (as this phrase was first coined by Bullet Proof Steering back in 1979)  is due to the excessive thickness of the bushing compressing and rebounding during harmonic bumps in the road surface. Once this type of shimmy begins, you have to either "brake" the vehicle, or "drive out" of the shimmy before it will subside. This can be both annoying and dangerous, and typically occurs between 20 and 45 mph. The need for an articulative connection point required this thick, flexible bushing… until now!

The forward rotation of the front end in it's path of suspension travel, tries to twist the OEM bushing design forward, therefore severely limiting articulation. The Bullet Proof Track Bar Kit™ Rod End can effortlessly flex on a 3 dimensional axis... back and forth, side to side, as well as up and down. Obviously a significant improvement over the limited up and down, one dimensional restricted movement of the OEM type bushing.

We eliminate the rubber/poly bushings at BOTH ends because that's where the problem is. Not eliminating both will Not fix the problem... just like reducing a hole in a boat half the size doesn't keep it from sinking!

Our Bullet Proof Track Bar kit™ with it's positive joints, eliminates any bushing movement, & provides an effortlessly flexible connection point which allows for increased articulation of already modified suspensions. The adjustable feature allows easy axle centering (side to side) whenever raising or lowering your suspension. The upper connection point (left) uses a spacer sleeve to locate the bar forward  as possible to provide as much clearance at the differential cover as possible. A new 3/4" Grade-9 F911® bolt, which are used in the Aerospace Industry, is used in the newly drilled hole in the bracket.

The lower connection also uses a spacer sleeve to locate the track bar  forward for the same reasons that the upper connection is relocated. The sleeve transfers leverage to the base of the bolt, rather than forcing the outer end of the bolt to absorb all the load leverage. The special spacers allow maximum front end flex to nearly 60 degrees of forward & back articulation with unlimited side to side articulation. Note the ample clearance between the tie rod (arrow) at full lock, and the track bar. Rod Ends are used at both points since all bushings must be eliminated to achieve 100% effectiveness and eliminate all the problems mentioned.

The Spherical Rods Ends are specially produced just for this application, made from the highest quality materials (of course) and to the most exacting tolerances. The Teflon/Carbon-Fiber matrix  lined 3 piece bearing surface is self lubricating and the super tight tolerances allow no debris in, therefore no greasing is required, and no seals are needed! The liner insulates and isolates the differential housing from the frame and does not increase road noise or vibration transmission by eliminating any direct metal to metal contact from the differential to the frame though the rod ends and track bar.

We are continually updating and improving our Bullet Proof Steering Systems™ all the time, such as this patented one piece high strength Retainer Shim™ which allows maximum articulation of our Bullet Proof Rod Ends™ and at the same time retaining the rod end in the rare event of a catostrophic rod end failure, preventing it from being disconnected from the vehicle. All hardware is plated for longevity.

To test just how unique our very special rod ends are, compare the bearing tightness of ours to any other rod end on the market and you will find that *none* even come close to the tightness of our Bullet Proof Rod Ends™ both new and after they have been in service for 5 years & more!  Check out this EXTREME test!