the One and Only

(above) is a typical stock OEM "ball joint style" Tie Rod end at the point of failure. The deformed & spread open rubber seal lip is the only thing keeping the stud from falling out completely, thereby causing a total loss of all steering control. The OEM equipment is over shadowed in strength and durability by our Bullet Proof Systems™.

(right) is our Bullet Proof Spherical Rod End™ and patended billet one piece Retainer Shim™ which will contain the rod end and resist it from separating from the steering system in the rare event of a total failure.


OEM tie rod ends were designed for non-abusive, normal highway driving as well as their being the most inexpensive design to mass produce. Nothing more. No one else uses them for anything other than a non-performance application because of their undesirable durability and reliability.

OEM tie rod ends are mass produced, with no special materials, not hand assembled and no exacting tolerances incorporated. They're good for what they were intended for… a stock vehicle.

OEM tie rod ends have no ratings, strength or tolerance specifications to indicate their strengths and weaknesses because they are not intended or desirable for anything other than stock applications.

OEM tie rod ends also have inadequate sealing surfaces, which require constant maintenance and grease, and do not live very long in harsh environments or in dusty, dirty, muddy or watery conditions. Their "seals" are only good for what they state they are, "dust seals". Their seals allow water, sand and debris to enter the greased surface, but the debris is then immediately trapped and does not leave unless an immediate re-greasing pushes it out as soon as the contamination occurs.

Competition vehicles don't use OEM tie rod ends for any type of performance applications because they are not strong enough or reliable enough for those demanding types of applications. However, many other "heim" joint manufacturers know their product is primarily used by "econo" racers that view those pieces as "disposable", therefore the cheapest brands sell the best, which further fuels the manufacturers to provide a "fair" rod end, but at the cheapest price possible. Our Bullet Proof Spherical Rod Ends
™ are designed with the utmost quality, maximum performance and longest service life in mind and manufactured with the absolute best materials and with the highest tolerances possible, without cost or profit being a limiting factor. That's why our rod ends are so superior to any other off-the-shelf rod end on the market.