the One and Only

Bullet Proof Steering Systems was founded in 1979 and began producing professional world class Steering systems and components which has forged it's legendary trademark during the past 3 decades into history with tens of thousands of customers enjoying the Bullet Proof Experience.

And now, the best Steering in the world, just got easier for you!

For over 36 years Bulletproof Steering Systems has been providing complete custom made systems for tens of thousands of satisfied customers around the world. Over the years customers have asked for all the famous and legendary quality components we include in each kit, less the tubes. And as shipping costs have risen we have found it to be more economical and practical for the end user to source the heavy, long, bulky and difficult to ship tubing locally while we supply everything else you need to install the system... including directions!

We are now offering several complete hardware kits specific to the type of vehicle you have but without the bulky tubing, allowing for the customer to make the final length adjustments at their own vehicle eliminating the concern of supplying those critical measurements in fear of the possibility of having to send any mis-measured tubes back for resizing.

We now also provide kits for making your own 3 and 4 link suspensions as well as traction bars and control arms! You just add tubing!

On average a complete steering kit less tubes will save you about $275 to $400 in the price as well as and heavy, oversized box shipping costs. And get there three times as fast!

Our complete hardware kits will not only include our current famous and legendary Stage-II Rod ends, but will also be upgraded with a NEW special protective coating to resist the elements! Each kit will also include our specially and uniquely designed hardware, spacers and shims needed as well as the incredible F911 Aerospace bolts, the strongest in the world!

While custom system were taking up to 2 weeks to complete, these new complete hardware kits can be shipped the same day in most cases and be at your home in by the end of the week!

The Future: We planning to build a new facility with all new equipment where we can concentrate on the design and manufacture of ultra modern high tech Bullet Proof Steering solutions from compete steering systems for both straight and IFS axle vehicles as well as control arms and even suspension systems for both cars and trucks.

In the mean time enjoy the savings and convenience of purchasing kits including all of our legendary and famous Bullet Proof Steering components!