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Editor Craig Perronne titled the Bullet Proof Steering System as a "Stout Steering Solution" in the May 2002 issue of Four Wheeler Magazine®, and after their close scrutiny goes onto say... "...we chose the Rock Proof tubing because of it's delicious overkill." "...if you are tired of bending your steering and replacing it with weak, stock pieces, you now have a solution to your steering woes." To read their entire feature, click on the "FOUR WHEELER" magazine icon!

Greg Banfield reported in after a 3 year long test that the Bullet Proof Steering System "...gave me ZERO problems!" and added, "if only all our upgrades could hold to that standard!" in the Nov-Dec 2003 issue of Bronco Driver Magazine®, and reported the new Bullet Proof Track Bargave, "...very positive feedback from the suspension and steering" To read the entire feature, click on the "BRONCO DRIVER" magazine icon!

Morris Rothfeldt, Editor of Bronco Driver Magazine® installed the new Bullet Proof Steering Systemon their project truck and stated "...simply an amazing collection of highly machined precision parts" and added, "...outstanding collection of quality materials and technical craftsmanship!" in their Nov-Dec 2005 issue., To read the entire feature, click on the "BRONCO DRIVER" magazine icon!

Actual comments received from our Bullet Proofed™ customers

I have the Rock Proof set and love it!! Beat the snot out of it every weekend and so far so good. There are some other alternatives out there but I work on Fords for a living 50-60 hours a week and have a hard time working on mine when I could be wheeling instead. My $.02  Steve George Farmington NM
-Steve George, New Mexico

Your system rocks!  I'll be going Over The Knuckle soon (on my 98 XJ). I chose Stage-II ends all around, and damn those things are stout!  Great system, definitely have my recommendations....!
-Brandon Shimamoto, Washington

Thanks. Your products kick ass. (I sent in)  some pics from my straight axle swap. Couldn't have done it with out bullet proof steering.    -Justin Wallin

Hi, Willie Worthy here! (Editor for FourWheeler Magazine) I have been hanging around FOUR WHEELER magazine for about 30 years now and as the internet has developed I have seen a lot of really bad web sites where about half the information given on it was pretty poor and the rest just plain bad. I finally had some time this last week to go through yours and was really impressed! You really do pass on the "good word". If I ever make it to your area to do some four wheeling  I will be sure to look you up and say Hi.   -Willie Worthy, Four Wheeler Magazine

I have had my Rock Proof set up on... since May of 02. I installed it as a last effort to finally eliminate all my problems with bent and broken tierods. It is my daily driver and havent had a single problem with the set up. I couldnt have asked for a better product. I can beat and drag it over rocks all day long and with a little over year on it everything is still fine...  I am a member of Texas A&M Off Road and all my friends have seen your product perform time and time again.     -Matt Conlee, Texas

The instructions that Bullet Proof Steering Systems supplied with the kit were very detailed and should be enough to guide you through the entire process… When I hit the trail I no longer have to worry about smashing and bending the stock linkage and trying to rig something up to make it home. For the serious four wheeler I would highly recommend (this) kit…  -Adam Olukalns,  Ohio

I've been running a Bullet Proof Steering rock proof set up for over one year. It's not my daily driver but I put about 1000 miles a year of pavement driving on it and some serious rock crawling also! So far no slop at all in the system.   -Steve George, New Mexico

...Everyone that has Bullet Proof Steering's rodends say they have NO PLAY.  I haven't figured out Randall's secret, but his rodends plain do the job.   -Brian Wickert,  California

I waited until the weekend before the Tellico trip to start the install of my Rock Proof steering. Nothing new. I drilled the knuckles with a reamer. No problem... Well, it is stout. This is one part I will never have to replace. If you go wheelin' and are worried about bending a tie rod, this is for you. You are not bending these. You could probably jack the rig up by them. Now I have to load up the Bronco for Tellico.   - Perry Brady, Georgia

Randy, I first wanted to say how pleased I am with the performance of your steering set ups!  I have referred a couple friends to try your products and we all have been more than happy!  Great products, keep up the great work! Thank you. 
-Patrick Hirsch, Wyoming

Thank you for the extremely quick turn around time, it is GREATLY  appreciated. The hardware you shipped looks to be of the HIGHEST quality, I don't mind paying for good stuff! ...and your instruction booklet is one of the most complete I've ever seen, others could learn from you! Thanks a lot!   
-Carl Barclay, North Carolina

I just received my bullet-proof steering system for my 78 F-150 and I am VERY SATISFIED with the quality and ease of installation of your product. I do some moderate to heavy trail riding and also play in the mud so I opted for the Rock Proof  and Tie Rod Over Knuckle kit for the obvious reasons of greater strength and more clearance. The added strength and security of this system was well worth the small price of the upgrades which I selected. Your steering system will be recommended to all my Off-Road friends and acquaintances at local jamborees. I am sure that I am another satisfied and lifetime customer.   -David Mathis, South Carolina

I wanted to tell y'all that I really appreciate your service an support. I recently bought the tie-rod an drag link kit from yall an I was real worried about the install for I was heading out to the woods for a couple of days. It was to simple an it took no time. After all was said an done I found that it helped fix the problems that I have had. I was able to do all of the install with my common tools an it took about 3 hrs purely because my Tierods an link were dang near rusted on. I then had to take it out to the field to try it. I found NO problems with it. Thanks and you will definitely have my business for years to come. Also I have 5 other EBs here on post an they have been waiting to see how these worked will see if they get a set, plus some of the guys here want to know about install on some of our Special Ops vehicles… Take care and please thank the staff for me.    -SSG Joshua Wisnoski, Louisiana

I came home today ready finish putting the front axle back under the Early Bronco today to find my son had decided to play with the jack under front.  He had begun jacking it up by the Performance Unlimited steering.  I figured fer sure I was out about 300 some odd dollars when I saw it had the tie rod bent up about four inches.  He damn near lifted the truck off of the ground by it!!.  When I let it down, it looked good as new though.  I can now say that I highly recommend that steering to anyone needing new steering.    -Steve Brown, New York

Hey Guys I just wanted to let everyone know of the great service I got from Randy at Bullet Proof Steering. I gave him a call on Friday at 5pm to order a  steering setup from him and asked if he could bring it to (an event) as I knew he was going. I knew it was short notice and a long holiday weekend but thought I would ask anyway. He said no problem. Well Randy… was not able to make it... but my steering setup was there. Thanks Randy!!! A guy from there... was looking all over for me and gave the my new steering on Friday at the event. He could have easily just shipped it to me. That is outstanding customer support and I know I will be back buying more things and letting everyone know how great Bullet Proof Steering is. Thanks again Randy… 
-Sean Dugan, Florida

I just installed my Bullet Proof Steering system… I did have an unexpected and uncommon problem with the positioning of my pitman arm... that threw me for a loop.  I didn't hesitate, and called Randall for help.  After he "pulled" the proper description of my EB's symptoms from me, he quickly figured out the problem and gave me the proper fix.  I did what Randall said to fix the problem and all was good.  I took my 73 for a quick test drive after everything was tight and right away noticed that all the steering slop it once had was gone.  My steering is a lot tighter now then before... I experience no pump steer or ill effects. Randall was great and very patient with my ignorance when it came to the upgrade.  I highly recommend this system to anyone who is thinking about upgrading.  It is a very quality system with simple to follow instructions…. easily have a race quality steering in about 4hrs time.    -Adam S. Worthington, Ohio

Randall, I just wanted to say "Thank you"... Just yesterday I received an envelope from your company... I received your (additional) warranty info and stickers for my steering system that I purchased from you. I must say I was pleasantly surprised with this kind personalized professionalism. I purchased this system several months ago and it has of course performed flawlessly. It is one of the modifications on my Bronco that I am most proud of... Your workmanship speaks for itself in this product. I know it must have taken a lot of time, effort and money on your part to work up the warranty and stickers and such and then see to it that little old me got it. This "after the fact" work may have seemed fruitless at the time. I understand there is no immediate profit and even loss in an effort like this. Let me assure you, it speaks volumes about how you run your business and how you feel about your customers. It is so refreshing in this day and age to receive customer service like this, especially from someone whom I've never even met. You have definitely earned my business as a loyal return customer and I just didn't want you to think your efforts went unnoticed....   -Jeff Metcalf, Florida

...while at Tellico I was watching Russel Crew's Bullet Proof Steering System Linkage Take some powerful hits on the rocks on... and flexing from 2 to 4 inches in and up and they suffered no ill effects. If I were going to spend the money I would go with the Bullet Proof Steering System product.   -Terry Horton, Virginia

...I got a chance to drive my buddies truck with his new tie rod, drag link and trackbar system from Bullet Proof Steering Systems. I can't believe how nice it steers and drives, almost as tight, firm and quick responding as my brand new Mustang GT! And strong, too. His kids were playing "garage mechanic" their Dad was at work and jacked his full sized Ford up on his brand new tie rods. When he got home it was about 8" off the ground, and after letting it down it went back straight like nothing happened. Cool!     -Jason T. Thornburg, Alaska

...having one of the earlier version so the Bullet Proof Steering Systems tie rod set ups, I didn't get the awesome paint, bolts or hardware, but I did get the awesome rod ends they still offer nowadays. After 7 years of hard trail abuse, no greasing and lots of mud and water, they still aren't loose one bit! I don't know how they do it, but other rod ends I used trying to make my own didn't last over a year. Some others I tried lasted only 3 months! The new set ups they're Bullet Proof Steering using are really nice. They must be improving them all the time.      -Brian L. Johnson, Hawaii

...the track bar performed great without any rubbing. We even put it on an RTI ramp so the club could drool over your setup. Thanks for all your help and support.     -Chris Towry, Texas

...the Lonestar Early Bronco Club had a trail ride last weekend with some interesting results. We had fifteen Broncos hit the trail, of which about eight tried the harder obstacles. Chris Towry showed up with his full Bullet Proof Steering System setup. On one hill climb alone, we had two Broncos seriously tweak their tie rods, and another bent on a difficult rock climb... After assessing all the damage, we decided that the (Bullet Proof Steering) setup was the way to go. On another note, we ramped Chris's Bronco at the meeting last weekend to see how the steering setup would perform. Oddly enough, Chris had the only Bronco that ramped better forward than backwards.  There wasn't any interference caused by the steering setup and everyone was quite impressed.  -Andrew Hubert, Texas

...I didn't want to drill out my 77 knuckles for this conversion or spend the money so I spent about $300 dollars on reamers, tie rod ends, tubing, etc.....  Then when I was all done, I had junk. I'm just hardheaded. After that I spent the [money] for Bullet Proof Steering Systems tie rod's and have loved them. There has been a dozen posts on how well they performed at the Fall Crawl.  The videos I sent out had a good shot of the tie rod on a rock deflecting 2 or 3 inches with nearly the whole weight of the front end on them.  Who needs a bumper when you have these things!   
-Russel Crew, Georgia

I like (bullet Proof Steering Rod Ends) for the main reason that they last. I have had mine on now for over 10 years.  6 of those years was a daily driver and off roading. The last four years have been strictly off roading about 6 times a year. I run 39" tires and so far the (Bulletproof) " Heim Joints" have held up very well. I have not really investigated the GM stuff for the main reason of seeing too many (OEM tie rod ends) wear out in a couple of years.
-Ron Boggs, California  (Sierra Bronco)

... I love the steering set up.  Bent the shaft on my steering box but the draglink and tie rod are fine… your stuff is for sure bulletproof.  Thanks!
-Scott Cowee

Hello, just wanted to let you guys know I am extremely please with my crossover steering system that I purchased from you about a month ago.  I am now getting ready to order a track bar from you guys. ..  Once again thanks for the awesome product and hope to be talking to ya soon.  Thanks
-Matt Dobb

... The whole set-up looks, well, bullet-proof!  You were not kidding about the rod ends - they are the tightest I have ever seen, and should eliminate the problems associated with rubber bushings typically causing or contributing to the dreaded steering wobbles.  -Paul Wright / Pres- Marietta Motorsports, Georgia

We not only left the infamous (baja 1000) checkpoint one in the dust but checkpoint two and three as well.. and due to some fate of the Baja gods we timed out. Approximately 10 miles before Checkpoint 4. 150 miles of race course. We lost the front shock at approximately race mile 80 when I hit a whoop a lil too hard and we went the next 70 miles with no left front shock or shock mount or bumpstop and the Front suspension was bottoming out on the Track bar mount and the Bullet Proof Steering's linkage. Both held up with the over 70 miles of Racing with only a slight bend in the linkage. I am MOST impressed..  every time we hit a "whoop" both matt and I were saying 4 letter words loudly.. but this is what was keeping us in the race. ...SEE THIS PHOTO... this is what a Bullet Proof Steering linkage looks like after racing in the baja-1000 for 50+ miles with it being used as a bump stop after we lost both the drivers side front shock and bumpstop! A lesser linkage would have snapped off within 2 miles.   -Phil Moulton, Oregon

I'm one of your satisfied "bullet proof steering system" owners. I got your system… a couple of years ago. Thanks for making the steering system, me & my friends are very impressed.
-Gayet F. Pontjowinoto, Jakarta, Indonesia

Thanks for your expert help on this (Toyota FJ-55)  project. What a great setup! And simple too!    -Naveen Waney, California

I have a Bullet Proof Steering Trail Proof set up over the knuckles on my 67 with 38.5 ground hawgs and have 3000 miles on it still as tight as the day I put them on. 
-Phil Carter, Florida

Been running my Bullet Proof trac bar for over 3 years now. No slop. I used to replace the bushings on each end every 6-12 months.   -Brian Cooke, Washington

...We have a… 92 YJ with Dana 44's and your Trail Proof Steering setup. We've got to say it works GREAT! We see a lot of slapped together steering systems when we wheel and we often recommend your setup to our club members doing similar axle swaps. Keep up the good work!   -Steve Liebl, Pennsylvania

I have a pretty built up -but not very good looking 78 Bronco. I recently started running your Rock Proof steering setup and trac bar. LOVE IT!  -Charles Rivera, Connecticut

...Installed it today, couldn't wait until SAT.  Real easy to put in, even the drilling was not as bad as I thought it would be…   -William Downer, North Carolina

A guy in my club has the Rock Proof system on his fullsize Dodge Ramcharger & he loves it. He was on a wheeling trip in Arkansaw & got stuck. While winching his winch stalled out & his rig stopped moving. Come to find out he was winching his Tierods into a LARGE rock that stopped his truck & winch in its tracks. Well after he backed the truck up he looked at the tierods & there was no damage, just some small scuffs on the coating.    -Rick Johnson, Wisconsin

I received my steering setup on Friday, and I want to take this chance to thank you for offering such a terrific product at an incredible price. Not only am I overwhelmed with the overall quality and appearance of the products, but the excellent directions that go along with it… I am especially anxious to get the steering setup on.    -Jake VanOstrand, Connecticut

Finally got Randall's kit installed in my 73 (Bronco). Man what a difference!!! Really strengthened it up.  Feels 10x better.  These are very nice pieces. Easily adjustable and incredibly strong. At one point, I had thought to try and buy rod ends locally and have someone do the pipe work and do this all myself but it just wasn't worth the hassle. I'm very happy with this setup.  Went in with no problems. Anyways, thanks Randall!    -Brian Betchel, Tennessee

I've had my Bullet Proof Steering setup on for about 6 months and love it.  Everyone here in the club was trashing tie rods and several have gone to the BPS setup now.  I haven't heard a complaint.  Be sure you measure correctly if you go that way, Randy has this thing about maximum strength and makes them so that you have minimum threads out of the tubing… Randy's stuff is VERY strong. I have seen people in the club pretzel the F150 setups but I haven't seen anyone bend one of the BPS's yet.  Judging by the rock marks on mine they have taken a good bit of abuse already and aren't any worse for the wear.     -Chris Towry, Texas

...just put on the Bullet Proof Track Bar kit on my Ford. Wow! I never knew all the problems the stock one gave me! Here all this while I thought the tires we junk, with all the bouncing it did at certain speeds. I replaced the poly bushings and it still did nothing. It wandered all over and had to "drive out of" the dreaded shake at 30 mph, or otherwise come to a dead stop. Thanks to your trackbar kit for curing a dozen or so problems all at one time! Is there anything else you can sell me to fix my truck?    -Gerry R. Ulruch, Canada

...your system went in flawlessly.  I think almost everyone that was here is interested in one of your tie rod systems! There are multiple others in the club that are waiting to see it.  I know I have already sold at least two for you. Overall the quality and ease of installing and adjustment are exceptional. Far better than the other conversions on the market I have seen. The best thing is the ease of serviceability! Without the tapered fits at the tie rods you could service it anywhere.  -Chris Towry, Texas

I have been dealing with these guys for around 10 years now. I've had nothing but good luck with him. He has gone out of his way to help me a few times. This is one of the few businesses that really do put the customer first.Just look at all he does for the (clubs) just with his website. I still wonder after all these years where Randall find all the time to do what he does.   
-Rick Johnson, Wisconsin

... I saw Bullet Proof Steering System in action at Tellico on the twistedest trail there and there was no bind. I have a video that shows his rod catching a rock, bending up about 3 inches and then snapping back with no deformation! Great stuff !    -Kenneth Messer, Georgia

...I have a 74 that I put the Bullet Proof Steering System tie rods on and it went really slick. We also put a set on a 76 with inverted Y. It is the best thing we have done on this Bronco yet. We put the tie rod over the knuckle and stacked the drag link on top on both...all worked well.      -Mike Swasey, Utah

I installed the Bullet Proof Steering TIE rod and Drag link. Yes they are a very beefy set up. The installation was fairly easy…   -Ron Boggs-Sierra Bronco, California

...I had already come to the conclusion that the cost of your Bullet Proof Steering System setups was fairly reasonable… It was suggested that Art Morrison might sell the stuff I needed.  So I looked up their website, called and talked to one of their techs. He looked up the website. His overall impression was that the Bullet Proof stuff is built way on the side of being indestructible (and the F911 bolts blew him away!).  Anyway, he made me feel great about the strength of all the Bullet Proof stuff...      -Paul Miller, Texas

Tie rods came in yesterday, and I got them on this morning.  I would recommend this mod to anyone with the f150 steering box, and the dropped drag link, as the bumpsteer that I had (never noticed it that much) is completely gone, the truck drives straight, true, and the vague feel in the steering is gone, in short it feels like a brand new car, not the 30 year old bronco that it really is. Thank you for the great product. 
-John Foottit, Oklahoma

I just installed Bullet Proof Steering System tie rod, drag link and trac-bar setup and in my opinion it IS truly Bulletproof! I don't see how in the world it COULDN'T be ten times safer than the worn out inverted "y" setup that was on my 77. I decided to price out doing all the work myself. I figured why pay someone to do what I do for a living. So after figuring my cost in parts and material with NO labor involved there is no way I could make that setup for what they are selling it for.....  the bearing guy said a rod end like that would run $70- $80.00 IF he could make them.  So.... 4 X 80 = 320.00 already more than the entire setup. I don't know where the hell he gets them but they are definitely not "off the shelf" anywhere I've ever seen. In fact a friend of mine runs an equipment rental place and he's still trying to pick his jaw up off the floor after seeing them. What's even more impressive I think are the bolts he uses. There were concerns expressed on the list about "shear" but I seriously doubt I will have a problem [with] that. The knuckles themselves would probably break before these bolts! I thought the price was more than fair, heck a stock setup costs that much or more. Installation was a breeze... The instructions are very well written and very complete. Randall was very patient, and had an answer for every question or doubt I could throw at him. ...there is NO play in these tie rods, the thing steers like an indy car compared to what it was like before. All in all Randall's steering setup is definately the best money I've spent on my bronc to date.    -Jeff Metcalf, Florida

The Bullet Proof Steering boys have a great set up. I have a 76, and always hated the inverted Y. I switched over to (BPS) set up, and I love it.  I even removed the drop track bar bracket and it is working great. The tie rods are higher, giving more clearance and no more bump steer. After driving with the new set up, I wish I would have converted it earlier than I did. 
-John Van Leeuwen, Utah

I… thank you Randy. I am the guy in Ontario who you shipped a custom made bullet proof steering system for my S-10 with solid axle conversion and all I can say is WOW this system is the best…   -Andre Leduc, Ontario, Canada

...I got Randy's tierod/draglink kit a little over a month ago.  Drove the bronco around for a couple of weeks before driving it to Moab last week, five hours each way, 70mph all the way.  The bronco handles better than it has in years, very predictable and zero bump steer.  On the trail it was nice to finally be rid of that inverted "Y" setup.  Randy has been great to work with, answering all my questions and even second day air a replacement castle nut to me after I suspected that the first nut may have started to strip out.  While in Moab I had quite a few comments on how stout the setup looks… All though it's not a daily driver, I drive it everywhere it goes. The improved handling alone was enough to justify the mod. The built in strength of the kit makes it well worth the cost.    -Scott Okelberry, Utah

...just wanted to say, hey I got my Bullet Proof Steering setup and my drop pitman arm, and wow! This stuff is nice, thanks!   
-Ben Elie Aslan, California