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A high clearance option for your Bullet Proof Tie Rod System. Use if you have a lot of lift and need better tie rod angles, don't want to use a drop pitman arm, or need additional ground clearance from large rocks, deep mud or ruts.

This Option to be added to our complete Bullet Proof Systems only.
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Our Genuine Bullet Proof Custom Steering Linkage can also be mounted in a Tie Rod Over Knuckle configuration. With this kit, the tie rod and drag link can be mounted higher up on top of the knuckle, rather than the OEM location underneath. This option provides an additional 2 inches of tie rod to ground clearance for obstacles that might otherwise cause damage to sensitive steering components. This feature also decreases pitman arm and drag link angles. Once our Tie Rod Over Knuckle kit is installed it can easily be reverted back to under the knuckle at any time.

The driver side reveals the increase in ground clearance by choosing the Tie Rod Over Knuckle option. The nearly 2 inch gain in clearance reduces the chance of the tie rod hanging up in the mud or on rocks, as well as the risk of bending the steering by hitting submerged stumps and other unseen obstacles. The Over the knuckle option can only be used on applications where there is ample room for the higher positioned drag link, in relationship  to the steering box and pitman arm, as well other interference at maximum suspension compression.

The outer tie rod end is in the same position to the rim lip as OEM. The Over The Knuckle option may require modification or relocation of forward mounted lower shock brackets.

This kit requires placing both tie rod and drag link above the knuckle, therefore increasing stress on the steering end of the knuckle. The special Grade-9 190,000psi F911® bolts we use are incredibly strong for this application (used in the Aerospace Industry), and the clamping force created by the "rod end sandwich" more evenly transfers the torque stress to the knuckle. The drag link separately transfers movement to the driver side directly though the tie rod, with only a small amount of work being needed from the passenger side knuckle to do this. This leaves the passenger side knuckle to receive only the torque needed to turn itself. The passenger side knuckle itself does NOT move the driver side knuckle, the drag link and tie rod do!

The clamping force provided by the Bullet Proof System by being compressed from each end is far more stable than OEM studs and ball joints which are only being supported at one end. The clamping force and bolt strength effectively handles the potentially increased shear forces, such as commonly associated with a loose fitting "receiver hitch pin." The steering is no longer the weaker link!

For any concerns regarding our Tie Rod Over Knuckle System's "single shear" mounting point, this is not a problem at all for a properly installed system. Since we are using one of the strongest and most durable bolts (F911®) on the planet, a double shear additional support bracket at the nut-end of the bolt is not necessary at all. The key components are what hardware is being used, the spacing between the rod ends and the geometry and forces contained. The axle's knuckle would bend well before this fastener system would fail. Keep in mind most track bars are fastened to the axle with a "stud" that is typically very low grade material from the factory,  and is in single shear plane as well. The track bar experiences a significantly increased amount of stress and force than a steering component ever would, as the track bar resists the side to side forces of the entire truck's weight as well as the bending forces a typical rigid track bar bushing exerts while trying to snap the stud off, as the suspension tips forward and back during it's vertical travel (due to the radius arms pre-determined arc).  Note: Our Bullet Proof Track Bar Kit eliminates this additional twisting stress with our free floating Spherical Rod End Track Bar kit replacing the stock type rubber or poly bushings.

As with installing the Bullet Proof Steering Kit, the addition of this increased clearance Tie Rod option may induce "bump steer", however, due to the increased length of the drag link, should be minimal, depending on the specific application. The much shorter original OEM type drag link is much more sensitive to this effect than our extended length Bullet Proof Drag Link Kit. Track Bar positioning is the culprit, and even though you can change the track bar angle (thus placing undo stress on the frame), the Track Bar can not be effectively lengthened. The bump steer effect of either Bullet Proof System, is still minimal.

These components are intended for off highway applications only