the One and Only

When we set out to prove the worthiness of our Bullet Proof Rod Ends, we just didn't stick them onto a truck and drive around the block! In order to test our components, we needed to push them to the brink of failure, and drive it back home again. We did just that, and we picked on one of the most awesome and famous trucks in the world to put our components to the test… the Famous "Quagmyr" of Top Truck Challenge fame in 1998. And even though these are dedicated to our steering systems only, we wanted to try everyway we could to MAKE them fail in the worst conditions and applications. So we put these on the REAR END SUSPENSION LINKS of this 6,000 pound plus "super-truck."

After 6 years of unearthly abuse through mud, water, sand, rocks and even the rigors of the Top Truck Challenge, the Bullet Proof Rod Ends
held up excellent! Mind you, just these "dedicated steering" rod ends in a four link suspension held the entire massive Rockwell 5-ton rearend in place, all while controlling the gigantic 48" terra tires as from defending off the brutal torque assault of a 750+ HP Big Block with 541 cubic inches... on Nitrous! The forces being applied here far exceed that of any steering situation ever to occur in a steering system! This as a serious test, but we're very serious about our products, and it shows!

It's obvious that if these rod ends can handle this type of abuse, they certainly are up to the task of merely steering your rig down a rocky or muddy trail, no matter how hellish it may be!

Bullet Proof ~ Tested Tough!
"...It's not just a goal, it's a never ending quest."
And here are some of the other extreme vehicles that have officially tested our rod ends years before they were ever introduced to the public in our Bullet Proof Systems™...