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As with installing any aftermarket equipment on your rig, the addition of any modified or increased clearance steering option may induce "bump steer" due to a change of steering angles and geometry. However, due to the increased length of our Bullet Proof Drag Link Kit, this should be minimal, depending on the specific application. The much shorter original OEM type drag link is much more sensitive to this effect than our extended length Bullet Proof Drag Link Kit. Track Bar positioning is the main culprit, and even though you can change the track bar angle (thus placing undo stress on the frame), the Track Bar can not be effectively lengthened. However, with the correct set up and combination of track bar, pitman arm and drop brackets, the effective bump steer effect of our Bullet Proof System can be virtually eliminated.

Note the arc angles of the steering Drag Link (yellow) as compared to the Track Bar (red). The more parallel the arc angle is to each other, the best steering geometry is achieved. When the Track Bar arc travel, measured at the furthest point out (axle) from the pivot point (frame) moves in different paths, the steering wheel either gets pushed or pulled as the suspension compresses our extended. If this occurs within the "ride zone" of normal suspension travel while cruising, then the effects will be evident. If there is bump steer beyond the "ride zone", most likely this will be at extreme suspension travels, and therefore, at slow speeds, resulting in being virtually unnoticeable to the operator.

As the illustrations show, using a drop pitman arm or drop track bar bracket by themselves and not in a pair, can produce a significant bump steer effect. The illustrations also demonstrate that the Bullet Proof Steering System has minimal impact in this type of situation. Even though the longer drag link will result in different non-parelleing arc paths nearing the end of the suspension travel, the 2-3 inch "ride zone" will produce insignificant detraction.

These components are intended for off highway applications only